Here are the main categories of equipment we offer. Other specialised equipment is also available. It pays to let us help when it comes to choosing the equipment you need for your location! We can assess and advise the best machines for you – all for free – based on your staff numbers, available space and the types of products you’d like included. See our ‘How It Works’ page for more info.

Remember all 24-7 Vending Machines can:

  • Accepts coins, notes, cards, phone payments

  • Have years of exp to help you select the best equipment & brands

  • Guaranteed delivery = product received or instant money back!

  • Full 24hr technical backup, support and service

Everything in one box!

Combination Machines

The fastest growing category in vending – offering every feature that individual drink and snack machines can offer, and all in one cabinet!

Easily serving 45 to 120 staff, and perfect for a back area like a dispatch dock or other isolated staff areas still wanting (Needing!) the full product offering. Our combo machines are the perfect fit.

A few of the amazing combination machine features:

  • Up to 50 items including Drinks, Chips, Chocolate, Meals.

  • Accepts cashless payment systems, bill validators & coin.

  • Electronic health control to prevent sales of items if temperature exceeds preset values

  • Aprox 20 cans, 10 Bottles/5 meals, 10 Chocolates/food bars, 10 Chips/packet food

Snacks galore!

Snack Machines

Food selections are only limited by your imagination! Our large 40 selection machines offer more variety than your local shop and save you the walk.

You can choose from our full product selection here, or usually, one of our experienced team members will put together a product package for you based on your preferences, be it super healthy, just snacks and chocolate, or full meals!

The Modern Features of the Snack Machines:

  • Can be refrigerated to ensure perfect product quality even in harsh environments

  • Large capacity will keep everyone happy, including the night shift!

Thirst quenching

Drink Machines

Our modern eco-friendly glass fronted machines can display up to 40 selections, or high capacity machines holding up to 30 cartons of drink! So whether range, capacity or both is important your favourite bestselling products will always be available.

If your staff or customers are in a hot sweaty environment, then a fantastic range of ice-cold drinks to quench everyone’s thirst is more than just nice; it’s possibly an obligation!

Our drink machines handle multiple package types reliably, served ice-cold 24 hours a day.

  • Can serve large numbers fast!

  • Money in – product out – guaranteed!